Price List

Apples, various$50/40# box(Aug-Nov)
Beans, Fresh Runner Cannellini $45/15#box (Aug-Oct.)
Beans, Dry Runner Cannelini $5/lb. (Dec-July)
Beets, Shiraz $3/lb. (Sept-Oct)
Corn, White/Bicolor WMB (Late Aug- Sept)
Cucumbers, Lemon $40/20# box (Late Aug-Oct)
Eggplant, Thai $3/lb. (Late Aug-Oct)
Fig, Improved Desert King $40/1 lyr flat (Late July- Early Aug)
Melon, Eel River $0.80/lb. (Sept-Oct)
Peach, Frost $2/lb. (July)
Peach, Indian Free Stone $3/lb. (Oct)
Pear, Bosc $3/lb. (Sept-Oct)
Pepper, Jalapeno $3/lb. (Oct)
Plum, Prune $2/lb. (Sept-Oct)
Potato, Yellow Finn
Plum, Santa Rosa $2/lb. (July)
Squash, Delicata $0.80/lb. (Oct-Nov)
Squash, Blue Hokkaido $0.80/lb. (Oct-Nov)
Squash, Dark Star Zucchini $20/20# box (Late Aug- Oct)
Tomatoes, Abe Lincoln $30/1 lyr flat (Late Aug- Oct)
Tomatoes, Cherokee Purple $30/1 lyr flat (Late Aug- Oct)
Tomatoes, OP Early Girl $30/20# box (Late Aug- Oct)
Watermelon, Ice Cream $0.50/lb. (Sept-Oct)
Hog, American Guinea (On the Hoof) $5/lb (When Available)

All prices subject to what market will bear and may change without notice.